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the red thread in my life


As a 7-year-old girl, I sat in my in my red-white room and dreamed about going to sub-Saharan Africa like Florence Nightingale. I felt ashamed of who I was: a girl with a low self-esteem whose trust in people had been brutally damaged. I had built a wall around myself to protect myself against the violent world. Dressed in red, I entered the corporate world. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to show that I mattered.
Code red. Did I want to continue? No! Apparently I had been successful, but deep inside I felt an inner void. The colour red began to symbolize courage. In 2006, I had the guts to follow my childhood dream, leave my comfortable life behind and go to Kenya.

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I was deeply touched by the women in Kenya and their willpower. I felt a deep connection to Africa, with its red soil and pure life energy. I felt at home. A fire was ignited. I wanted to make a meaningful contribution, an impact. With fiery passion, I established and led the I-Care company in Kenya. We developed, produced and distributed washable sanitary pads, a sustainable solution for disadvantaged girls during their ‘red days’.


In 2016 the financial figures of the company were red and I had to make the painful decision to close the business. I was devastated and old wounds were torn open.

Red then became the strength I needed to stand up again, to look in the mirror, to discover and to learn. I came to realize I had been living in a masculine overdrive, based upon control, hard work, willpower and results. I felt drained, as if something vital was missing. My masculine qualities had the upper hand while I had neglected my own feminine power. I needed to restore the imbalance and embrace my feminine power.   

Today, red is the colour of love, self-love, Red Power, intuition, creation, empathy, passion, fun, collaboration, leading with the heart, being meaningful, freedom and living a life with purpose and fun.

Today, red is the colour of having the courage to become the Leading Lady.

Step by step I created my desired life. And I know for sure, this is possible for you as well!

Red Power

I believe in the power of women. As soon a woman ignites her Red Power, a dormant energy will be unleashed and she will thrive and feel powerful. This leads to more satisfaction, pleasure,  fruitful collaborations, renewed leadership and the blossoming of potential.

When a woman ignites her red power and becomes the Leading Lady, she will thrive and everyone benefits.

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My background

I am a student at the University of Life. I learn by doing, and by daily life events with its ups and downs. I get inspired by meeting people, reading, following trainings, traveling, watching movies and in-depth conversations during a delicious dinner with a good glass of wine. I wonder and enjoy watching and being with my granddaughter as bonus granny. 

My background in a nutshell:

  • Studied business administration (was this formal education?)
  • certified coach and NLP practitioner.
  • Worked  for over twenty years in a corporate setting as recruiter, project manager, trainer and coach.
  • Co-founded Afri-Can Foundation and established I-Care. 
  • Was active in Kenya for ten years. 
  • Pursued further development, personal and spiritual growth by following numerous training from (among others) Marinus Knoope, Margaret Lynch, Nick Ortner, Claire Zammit and Mastin Kipp.