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Do you recognize yourself in the following?

From the outside it seems you are doing well, but you feel somewhat anxious as if you have lost control over your life.  You feel a burning desire, and there are a number of things you want to change, but you do not know where to start. You survive your hectic daily life, and have the feeling that you have to fight to be seen, heard and acknowledged. In spite of your qualities and experiences you doubt yourself. You feel the pressure of the so-called masculine overdrive, to keep going because of the high demands that you constantly put on yourself or are expected from you.  You wonder: Who are you as a person? Who are you as a woman? At times, you struggle and feel powerless. Rationally, you know why, but there is also a critical voice in your head that will not leave you alone.

You’re not the only one!

We live in a masculine overdrive that results in frustration, stress and, ultimately, burnout. Without realizing it, we have embraced certain masculine qualities to survive. This has led to imbalance, dissatisfaction and the feeling of not having a grip on your life.

But … I have good news! We have the power to change this. There is a primal force in us, our Red Power. As soon as we embrace our feminine power, it starts a chain reaction that leads  to clarity, strength, freedom and energy.

How will the Red Power VIP Coaching benefit you?

The intensive coaching is based on:

LEF-V – Lead – Embrace – Fire – Victory

LEF: Is a Dutch word for courage, and that is what you need in order to commit to your transformation process. You know what you have now, and it can be exciting to invest in yourself, let go of the old, and allow new things to happen.

LEF: Is needed when looking in the mirror and discovering where your survival patterns come from.

LEV: Lev written with a ‘v’ means heart in Hebrew. That is what matters: To listen to your heart and to (re)discover your Life Purpose. Everything you need; courage, strength, wisdom, compassion and love, is already within you.

Chantal has a unique and personal approach as a coach. She is involved, honest and knows how to hold a mirror in front of you, to give you insights and to get to the core of what’s holding you back. She shows you your strengths and suggests points for improvement. She gives you the tools to get started.


Lead: It’s all about you. What role have you played so far? What are your deepest fears and desires? What does the inner critic tell you? Where does that come from?

The ultimate goal is that you, as Leading Lady, will take control of your personal, work and business life.

Embrace: You will discover old patterns and break through them. You will transform limited beliefs. You will start embracing yourself, your femininity and your life the fullest. 

Fire: You will unleash a dormant energy as soon as your Red Power is ignited.  You will start making powerful choices, taking necessary steps towards creating your desired life, sensing new possibilities, and feeling free, energized and aligned with your true self.   

Victory:  You will show courage and face your fears. You will know what you want and that you’re unstoppable. And even when things go differently than you’d planned, you will show up as Leading Lady! 

“In a sea of life/professional coaches, Chantal really stands out. She is highly skilled at getting to deep, core issues and making these conscious in a gentle, caring way. Her training is inside-out, is profound, and transformative. She has a wonderful sense of timing (one never feels rushed or that things are going too slow) and uses her intuition to guide the process. Working with Chantal has been such a good investment for me; in just a few short sessions, together we were able to accomplish what would normally take years of therapy to achieve. Highly recommended!!!”

Juliet MacDowell – Marketing Director


We will schedule an introductory meeting. From there we will discuss our way forward. We are going to work intensively for at least four months. Are you looking for a quick and dirty approach? That’s not me. Changing patterns and transformation takes time. I don’t have a magic pill. Hard work needs to be done. I’m here to support you along the way, and it will be rewarding.

YES! I want to become the Leading Lady of my personal, work and business life. I want to start now.

Please contact me. You will receive an invitation to make an appointment for an introductory meeting (via Skype or FaceTime).

When a woman ignites her Feminine Red Power, she will thrive and everybody benefits.