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Chantal Heutink

Do you want to be the Leading Lady in your personal, work and business life?

Do you yearn to live the life you desire?

Welcome! Igniting your fire, your Red Power, starts here.

You need courage to take the step and just do it. 


At times you wonder: “Is this it? What do I want to do with my life?”
You are successful, and that’s how people see you
, and yet you feel somewhat anxious.
You constantly feel you have to meet people’s expectations. Who are you, as woman?
You feel a burning desire:

  • to realize your dream
  • to create your desired life.
  • to do things that matter. 



Everything you need, your courage, strength, wisdom, love and compassion.
Everything you need is already within you.

I had the courage to follow my childhood dream, travel to Kenya and to set up a business.
Despite my inner drive and the successes I had achieved throughout my career, I faced my old demons again.
During this adventure, I realized I was living in a masculine overdrive based on control and getting results. I was still stuck in old stereotype roles and structures. This kept me from thriving and act as Leading Lady.

Ask yourself…

✓ Are you losing self-esteem due to the fact you struggle, feel uncertain and are having doubts?

✓ Do you look at your background, education and experiences and wonder why you haven’t achieved more of what you want out of life?

✓ Does your energy seep away, even though you try to live a balanced life?

✓ Is that critical voice in the way, and are you never good enough?

✓ Do you want to claim your power again, stand up for who you are and what matters for you, but you feel like something is holding you back?

✓ Do you feel a burning desire to get more out of yourself and your life, but don’t you know how and where to start?