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“From the little spark may burst a mighty flame” (Dante) Ignite Your Feminine Red Power


Our society is changing and we can all feel the shift in power. From the moment women joined the work force, we have played our historical roles by overcompensating and adopting masculine qualities. The world is in masculine overdrive, which has resulted in short term solutions, and competition, and a need to control. This has contributed to stress and burnout. Many people are longing for change, renewed leadership, and an atmosphere that supports self-actualization.


That’s why ‘Feminine Red Power’ is needed. This power is based on compassion, collaboration, intuition, creation and leading with the heart. For centuries, women have played various roles: caretaker, seductress, wallflower, and victim to name a few. Our courageous feminist predecessors broke down huge barriers and won us the rights to be able to vote, study and work. Despite these victories, an imbalance in power and the gender gap are still there. We’ve been in survival mode.

Women today are more capable and educated than ever before. Possibilities abound. The time for change is now. We need the courage to embrace a new way of thinking: Feminine Red Power. Just imagine what would it be like if women could be the Leading Lady and create the life we desired. Imagine yourself able to take charge in any situation, express yourself and thrive.

By embracing the Feminine Red Power, dormant energy, inner freedom and strength will be ignited. The imbalance will be restored.

Do you want to be part of this change?

Do you keep dreaming or do you have guts, and get into action and just do it? Everything is a choice.

Through soul searching and learning from the masters, Chantal discovered her chains to the past which kept her from thriving.

She speaks on a variety of topics gleaned from her hard-fought, real life experience of successes, failures and lessons learned.


For which topics can you book Chantal as speaker?

  • How to Break your Chains of the Past and Ignite your ‘Feminine Red Power’
  • From Dreaming and Yearning to Starting and Creating
  • Becoming the Leading Lady of Your Life
  • From Zero to Hero; Learning from Failures and Setbacks
  • On high heels in Africa

“In an open, vulnerable yet powerful and passionate way and with the necessary
Chantal shares her lessons learned. She inspires and encourages people to re-think
their dreams, desires and next destination. “

Chantal is in the top 1% of all speakers

“Chantal is in the top 1% of all speakers I’ve ever seen! I was fortunate enough to watch Chantal give a presentation in Uganda that lit up the entire room and inspired myself and all the investors and business leaders in the room to re-think our conceptions of what is possible. She speaks in a way that immediately resonates and that commands the attention of the entire room. She speaks with her heart in an incredible vulnerable and strong way. Any organization who is fortunate enough to get Chantal to speak at their gatherings will quickly come to learn that she is the highlight of the show!”

Daniel Epstein – CEO and Founder Unreasonable Institute

All attendees enjoyed

Your presence elevated the energy level of the conference to a height that all attencees enjoyed. Your presentation and insights added great value to the conference. We know it would not have been what it is today, if you were not part of it”.

European African Business Development Conference 2013 (EABDC)

Very inspiring!

“Your presentation impressed me. It really connects with my daily  experiences and challenges as entrepreneur. All the uncertainties and what you have in your backpack …. I found it very inspiring !

Participant – Ladies night Rotterdam

An extraordinary woman!

“I got to know Chantal as a special woman who made the decision, years ago, to follow her heart and realize her own dreams. During her presentation she is able to take you on her journey and show how you can make a difference as a person. She is a passionate speaker who shows that Dreaming, Thinking, Daring and just doing it, can lead to great results. Thank you for your inspiring presentation about stimulating entrepreneurship in the context of our project WomenHelpingWomen”.

Ingun Bol – Managing Partner Fit4Change en Event Director Global Summits Women Information Network

After Chantal’s speech I left with a stronger feeling

“You really know how to captivate and stimulate people. I walked out with a stronger feeling and with additional ideas about how I can stimulate people to follow their dreams!”

Gundalyn Hemmink (The Power of Following Your Dream)

A boost of energy, inspiration and strength

“Chantal reminded me of the power that is released when you dare to speak out what you want. That was the last push I needed. Thinking became really doing it and I started as entrepreneur. I’m convinced; if you do what suits you, it will flow. And that’s what happened. Since I took action, I have experienced an incredible amount of energy, inspiration, strength and desire on daily basis. In return, I shine my light on people around me, with my enthusiasm. Thanks Chantal for your message at the right time and the right place!”

Follow your dream

“Chantal’s workshop was really powerful. It works both in your conscious and subconscious and gives a lot of power to really follow your dream!”

Thea Dijkstra (Powerdag)

You are a role model

“I enjoyed your story, you’re a role model!”

Pauline Hallink (Powerdag)

Stimulates and encourages reflection

“Chantal Heutink shows that you can realize dreams, by daring and above all, by doing it. Her story is not only  inspiring and entertaining, but she  practice what she preach, which stimulates and encourages reflection!”

Remco Mostertman – HRCommunity (World Café Duurzame Inzetbaarheid)

Very refreshing

“I found the workshop – What is your passion? – very refreshing. You really have to take yourself, your desire, seriously to discover your passion. It’s a matter of guts and surrender, which by times is not easy. I love the fact Chantal is honest about her own journey and lessons learned. This workshop should be mandatory for every starter!”

Karin Hilvert (Event Young Professionals Eindhoven)

Very pleasant and helpful

“Chantal Heutink has coached me in a partly personal and partly business trajectory Chantal has a personal approach as coach. She is involved, honest and knows how to hold a mirror in the right way and give you valuable insights. Through her approach you’ll learn your strengths and your points for improvements. It provides tools that you can structurally work on, although sometimes confronting I have experienced her coaching as very pleasant and helpful”.

Henriëtte van Weezel Errens

A very gifted person and trainer

Chantal is a very gifted person and trainer. Stimulating, fun to work with, precise, risk taking in the good sense of the word, not afraid to confront in order to help and with a great sense of humor in doing so”.

Jaap Koopmans – C Concepts

You moved the entire room

“On behalf of the Deloitte team, we want to thank you for a very inspiring day. You brought me and many others to tears today and moved the entire room”

Melissa Raczak – partner Deloitte Consulting

Chantal Heutink gave speeches about: From dreaming to actually doing it, social entrepreneurship and On high heels in Africa, amongst others for:

USAID in Washington DC, National Teachers Convention Kenya, Unreasonable Institute in Uganda, Philips, Stand Up Inspiration, European-African Business Development Business Conference, Deloitte, ABN-AMRO Dialogue House, Social Media in Care, Toomler, Cordaid Social Adventure, various women’s networks.

Through her work she received an award in Kenya for ‘Best Innovative Service Runners Up’ and was nominated by the UN in 2014 as ‘Global Accelerator’.

Contact us for information about the possibilities to book Chantal as  speaker or storyteller for a seminar or event.