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Chantal Heutink




Our society is changing and we can all feel the shift in power. The world is in masculine overdrive, which has resulted in short term solutions, competition, powerplay and a need to control. This has contributed to imbalance, stress and burnout. Many people are longing for change, renewed leadership, and an atmosphere that supports self-actualization.

That’s why ‘Feminine Red Power’ is needed. This power is based on compassion, collaboration, intuition, creativity and leading with the heart.
Should we put the masculine qualities aside? No! This shift requires awareness, taking responsibility, courage, lev (Hebrew for heart) and embracing a new way of being and thinking.

Chantal Heutink takes you on a journey. Inspired she tells her story about how she had the courage to follow her childhood dream, established a business in Kenya and eventually ran into the masculine overdrive as an entrepreneur. In an open, vulnerable but strong way she shares what this has meant for herself and the company in Kenya. This experience has made it clear to her how old stereotypical roles, structures and patterns have an impact on the imbalance in ourselves, business and society. There is no glass ceiling, this is within ourselves and it is time to break through that! Her vision encourages reflection. It shows that 1 + 1 = 3, as soon as feminine and masculine qualities start to work together. LEF (Dutch for courage) is needed. L.E.F. – Take the Lead – Express & Embrace yourself – Ignite your Fire 

“Chantal is in the top 1% of all speakers I’ve ever seen! I was fortunate enough to watch Chantal give a presentation in Uganda that lit up the entire room and inspired myself and all the investors and business leaders in the room to re-think our conceptions of what is possible. She speaks in a way that immediately resonates and that commands the attention of the entire room. She speaks with her heart in an incredible vulnerable and strong way. Any organization who is fortunate enough to get Chantal to speak at their gatherings will quickly come to learn that she is the highlight of the show!”

Daniel Epstein

CEO and Founder, Unreasonable Institute

“From the little spark may burst a mighty flame” (Dante)

About Chantal Heutink

Chantal worked in the corporate world for twenty years.
In 2006, she followed her childhood dream and went to Kenya. She successfully established the I-Care company, developing, producing and distributing washable sanitary napkins for disadvantaged girls and women.

By means of trial and error, research, training and learning from the masters, Chantal discovered how her inner glass ceiling and limited beliefs prevented her from being the Leading Lady of her life and thrive.

Over the years she had the opportunity to create awareness, and inspire and encourage people.
Chantal speaks on a variety of topics gleaned from her hard-fought, real life experience of successes, failures and lessons learned.

Do you keep dreaming or do you have LEF and want to take bold and courageous action, and be part of the change? Everything is a choice.

“Chantal Heutink is a powerful lady, who had the courage to follow her dream.
“I just wanted to say how wonderful you made this day to celebrate with Deloitte women.
Thank you for your presence, your story and inspiration. So many women are talking about how much they loved it.
You brought me and many others to tears and moved the entire room with your story.”

Melissa Raczak
Partner Deloitte Consulting

For which topics can you book Chantal as speaker?

✓ Fall in love with your future – take the lead

LEF is needed to become the Leading Lady or Leader of your Life  

✓ On high heels in Africa

Your presence elevated the energy level of the conference to a height that all the attendees enjoyed. Your presentation and insight added great value to the conference and we know it would not have been what it is today if you were not part if it”.

European African Business Development Conference 2013 (EABDC)

Chantal Heutink gave speeches about: From dreaming to actually doing it, social entrepreneurship and On high heels in Africa, amongst others for:

USAID in Washington DC, National Teachers Convention Kenya, Unreasonable Institute in Uganda, Philips, Stand Up Inspiration, European-African Business Development Business Conference, Deloitte, ABN-AMRO Dialogue House, Social Media in Care, Toomler, Cordaid Social Adventure, various women’s networks.

Through her work she received an award in Kenya for ‘Best Innovative Service Runners Up’ and was nominated by the UN in 2014 as ‘Global Accelerator’.

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